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Beginner’s Guide To Breast Augmentation

There are many articles on the internet built around breast implantation. This article will take a close look at a breast augmentation guide which will help the readers to understand what it is all about. Follow it through to get useful insights.

A guide to breast Augmentation

What is Augmentation?

Most people will relate to this with the term “boob job.” Augmentation happens when a woman wants to alter the shape, increase the size, or even modify the texture of her breasts. Women are at times self-conscious about the general outlook of their breasts, and if they are unhappy with them, they may opt for an augmentation.

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Types of implants

They can either be in form of Saline-filled implants (saline) – For this kind of implants, sterile salty water is filled in silicone shells and later on adjusted into your breast region by a surgeon. The other type is silicon-filled implants (silicone). Many women prefer this implants as the feel more like real boobs. These implants are made up of silicone shells that contain a plastic gel. Even though women prefer the silicone implants to the saline ones, they can be highly risky if they leak.

Breast implant procedure

When picking your doctor, you should consider a surgeon who has a vast knowledge of this process and plenty of experience. Before the breast implant procedure, you should visit your doctor for a medical examination. The whole process takes an estimated time of between one to two hours. You will be under anesthesia, in which you will be unconscious and feeling no pain. The surgeon will operate on and make a cut around your nipple region, below the arm, or under the breasts. The cut entirely depends on your body, the implant that will be in use and the enlargement that should be done.

The breast implant is put in a pocket above or below the chest muscles. When the implant is placed, a surgical tape is used to close the cuts. After surgery, the breasts are concealed with a gauze. You may be having drainage tubes, which are withdrawn in a few days. During this recovery period, it is advised that you wear a surgical bra.

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After surgery care

You should not do any labor intensive work for around six to eight weeks after the surgery, and take the medication that is prescribed by the doctor. Understand yourself. It is perfectly fine to opt for breast implantation. However, you should relax, think through it, close your eyes and take a calm, deep breath and let it all out. If you are in fear, get into a community because there are many women out there who are going through the same thing.

Why You Should Chose A Trustworthy Plastic Surgery Clinic

plastic surgery toolsA breast implant, also referred as breast augmentation is a prosthesis used to alter the size, contour, and shape of a woman’s breast. Remember, as a woman age, the breasts lose firmness, appears deflated or flat, look different in sizes and sag. Breast augmentation is commonly used cosmetic surgery to rectify the above this enhancing the appearance of, or to enlarging the breast size. To a woman, the breast implant can have a very real impact on her self-confidence, love life, and even her general happiness.

There are many surgeons around the globe who perform breast implants. Sadly, not all can guarantee the same measure of satisfaction. Besides, there are several risks and complications associated with breast augmentation. These include breast pain, sensation changes in the nipple and breast in general, formation and hardening of scar tissue around the implant, scarring, bleeding, infection, problems with the size or size after the implants and so on and so forth. It, therefore, goes without saying that the facility and the surgeons who are to perform the procedure matter a lot. Make no mistake.

Top-notch surgeons

At Breslow center for plastic surgery, you’ll benefit from the services of award-winning surgeons. The facility boasts of some top notch surgeons in the globe with a combined experience of nearly 20 years. All of the facility’s medical staff are highly trained, licensed, and certified by the medical professionals’ board.There are records of hundreds of successful breast augmentation procedures that have been performed at the facility. In fact, most of the current patients are referrals from former patients

Well equipped private facility

Good facilities should have good equipment for breast implants. Besides, without latest and most advanced equipment, quantifiable results cannot be easily achieved. Be rest assured that your surgery will be done in one of the world’s best and fully equipped private facility. The facility’s surgical center includes not only cutting-edge operating rooms but also features a fully equipped pre- as well as post-operative recovery areas, in addition to a comfortable waiting area.The facility takes pride in each of its state-of-the-art operating room and battery of skilled and experienced medical staff.

One stop breast augmentation shop

The surgical facility is situated in the same building the Breslow Center is. This means that your consultation, operation, as well as all your post-operation follow-ups will be done at the same place. What an incredible convenience?medical operation tools

Benefits of modern techniques

The resulting cleavage after breast augmentation depends much on one’s breast positioning in addition to other aspects of an individual’s anatomy. To many, cleavage is one aspect of their aesthetic concern, and they will never forgive a surgeon of it’s messed up with.

Absolute assistance in making informed decision

There are numerous decisions to be made before and after breast augmentation surgery. The qualified and able team of surgeons are ready and willing to guide a patient walk through every step of the way to full recovery. They help patients make the important decision as regards the treatment from consultation to surgery and finally, recovery.

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Four Benefits Of Minimal Invasive Back Surgery

Minimal invasive back surgery is a specialized type of surgery procedure which involves smaller incision as compared to a traditional form of surgery. Several types of health problems can only be cured using the surgery. In past years open surgery was commonly used simply because doctors had not discovered a new technique known us minimal invasive surgery. This technique has made the mode of operation in human’s body to change. Try the services of a minimally invasive back surgeon today, and enjoy. In the field of medicine and surgery, open surgery has been replaced by minimally invasive surgery because of the following benefits.

Benefits of minimal invasive back surgery

Less pain and simple

surgery operationBecause the incision/dissection involved in minimal invasion back surgery is very minimal this clearly indicates that there are less pain and complication involved in the process. Due to this tendency, the patient will recover efficiently within a shorter period, and he or she can resume back to normal life very quickly. The good thing is that the time required for the patient to stay the hospital is very short and some even done on outpatient basis.


In reality, the hospitalization for such surgery is smaller compared to the other forms of surgery. This means that the cost of minimal invasion surgery can certainly get down regarding hospital bills and medical expenses.

Less patient anxiety

Another significant advantage of minimal invasion back surgery is that it causes less scarring to the respective patient(s) as compared to open or traditional surgery. This is because assuming the patient already understand this type of surgery, so he or she knows smaller body wound or incision after surgery and hence less pain. Sometimes these incisions are small and very hard to detect.

Best in Convenience

operating roomLast but not list minimal invasion back surgery can be performed in many places of the human body with no or little loss of blood and no scar that will remain after the body has recovered as compared to a traditional form of surgery. It can be performed in delicate body organs such as spinal cord, brain, and rib. In most cases of traditional surgery after a performance in the sensitive body organs, it was unsuccessful, and the patients ended up losing their life during or after the surgery.

Minimal invasion back surgery is regarded as a major boom in modern field of medicine and surgery. As it make a modern surgery to be simple, faster, quicker, recoverable, and less anxious to all patients. This is characterized by patient getting back to the normal duty within a short period of time.