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Why You Need to Avoid Eating Swai Fish

Fish is a delicacy among many people and are sought for their high protein content. There are various fish species, and one of them is the swai fish or the Pangasius fish. It is also known by other names like Vietnamese Catfish, Iridescent Shark, and Basa Fish.

Swai fish is liked for several reasons, such as the relatively low-price, mild taste, and low-fat content. Although it is a naturally harvested fish, it is reared in fish farms on a large scale for sale to consumers worldwide. You may find more information about swai fish nutrition value and other crucial details on the Healthoverdosed website.

However, despite its reasonable protein content and affordability, here are some of the reasons you need to avoid eating the pangasius :

Swai Fish Production Leads to Overfishing and Sea Pollution

overfishing and sea polutionAlthough more than 50% of the fish we consume nowadays come from fish farms, and we may assume it protects the oceans and the fish in them, but the farms need fishmeal. For fishmeal production, so many tons of fish have to be harvested from the open sea annually. Unfortunately, even rare species that are to be protected are caught in the process, and without a way to get them back to the sea, they are turned into fishmeal.

Also, there is massive illegal fishing of swai fish to supply fry to the local large fish farms and for sale as imports.  Due to the harm that swai fish production has on the oceans, it would be best to shun them to discourage production.

Swai Fish May Have Toxins from Large-Scale Farming

These fish are raised and produced in big factory fish farms along the Mekong Delta.  The production farms are typically unhygienic and overcrowded, making the spread of pathogens very easy. Due to the need to control diseases and speed up weight gain, the fish are fed with feeds with broad-spectrum antibiotics added to them. Also, toxins like pesticides are used without caution. Some of these substances that can harm humans may build up in fish and end up in the bodies of those who eat them.

You Can Substitute Swai Fish with Other More Nutritious Foods

Swai fish do not have as much nutrition content as the body may require. You could benefit more from other fish species like mackerel and salmon that are better sources of Omega-3 fatty acids than the low-fat pangasius. You may also eat other things other than fish for the nutrients, such as flaxseeds, nuts, and most cooking oils.

Healthy Eating: Daily Food For Good Health

People often mistake healthy eating with strict diet limitations, staying gaunt and depriving yourself of all the food that you love. Rather, it is about taking daily food for good health to help increase energy, boost your mood and improve your general health and outlook.

Healthy eating is mainly about how much you should eat and the best time to eat. Super foods usually provide just the right amount of calories and brim with various minerals and nutrients.

However, most of the foods that are deemed super are usually not in a delicious form, and you probably wouldn’t eat them every day.

slices of pumpkin

Choosing your daily diet.

It is imperative to cut through the confusion, learn about the easy-to-find regular super foods and create a healthy and tasty diet every day. When choosing your daily diet for yourself or your family, remember that nutrition needs vary depending on several factors such as age, size, sex and day-to-day operations.

Therefore, it is crucial that you take these factors into consideration to ensure that you opt for the recommended healthy foods that suit your needs best. Also, make sure that you do not choose healthy foods that are too dull and boring and can only be served once in a while. To fully enjoy the benefits of a healthy diet, you need to enjoy the food at least.

Moderation is key.

Most people often eat a healthy diet but never get to enjoy the benefits of healthy eating. Why? Simply because eating healthy is about control. Without controlling the amount of food that you take and the time interval between meals, even super foods will be as good as useless. Moderation means eating only as much as your body requires and not what it can endure.

In other words, you should feel satisfied after every meal but not stuffed. Despite what many believe, moderation is also about equal balancing your protein, fiber, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and fat intake.

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Eating healthy is not only about eating super foods, eating less than you normally do and sacrificing the foods that you love. Choosing your daily health diet can be overwhelming especially because of all the conflicting diet advice out there. One expert will tell you that certain foods are good for you while another will say the exact opposite.

When it comes to choosing daily food for good health, it is up to you to find a healthy diet that is right for you and your family.