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Natural Ways of Getting Your Dimples Back

Dimples refer to small indentations or folds located in the fleshy part of the cheeks. They are usually more visible when smiling, and they look quite adorable. Many people consider dimples a quality of beauty. Although having dimples is a genetically inherited trait, they can disappear as you grow. Below are some of the natural ways of getting your dimples back.

Smile Regularly

Smiling is probably the easiest and most effective way to get your dimples back. Dimples usually show the most when you smile. By smiling wider, for longer, and at regular intervals, your dimples will begin to be more apparent to a point where they can even be visible without you smiling. Keep in mind that it might take a long time before you get there. However, you do not lose anything by smiling more often.

Perform Dimple Exercises

There are various exercises that you can do to help bring back your dimples. Some of them have not yet been proven scientifically to work, but many people have gotten positive results from the exercises. An example of such exercises is to make the face that you would after eating something too sour and hold it for some time. Eating something like a lemon might make that easier. Another example is pressing and holding the indentations spots down using fingers or pencils for about 30 minutes per day.woman with dimples

Use Piercings

It is also possible to use piercings to get dimples. For that, you need to ensure that an experienced professional do the piercing so that it is done safely and produces the best results. That is essential because of the risks involved with this method. Risks include nerve damage as the piercings go through flesh and not cartilage, as is the case with ear and nose piercings. After about three months with the piercings on, you will notice indentations that will remain even after removing the piercings.

Control Your Diet

Your dimples can disappear as a result of becoming underweight or overweight. To solve that, you should start by improving your diet. You can look for an effective diet plan for weight loss or weight gain, depending on your current condition. Exercising and hydrating enough can also help a lot. As you regain your normal body weight, your dimples should begin to reappear as well.