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Urgent Care Centers Treat Foot And Ankle Issues


Do you experience foot and ankle problems? Well if you are involved in sports, foot and ankle injuries are very common and can be very painful. Apart from causing intense soreness and discomfort, they can distract you from concentrating on your daily tasks. Visiting an ER is such conditions is not an excellent idea because you will waste lots of time when waiting to get treated and experience lots of pain in the process. Urgent care centers will offer you high quality immediate and affordable treatment for a broad range of ankle and foot problems. Some of them include:

Strains and sprains

man having a medical checkupSprains and strains are the most common ankle injuries occur if the ankle is turned improperly, rolled or twisted. It causes lots of pain around the ankle because the ligaments and tendons in the ankle are stretched or torn. When experiencing a strain or suffering, you should not think of visiting a medical center because you will not be attended to immediately. Instead, it’s a grand idea to see a physician at the nearest urgent care center so that you can get a close examination, undergo tests to analyze the cause and seriousness of the condition and proper treatment.


If any bone that makes up the ankle joint is broken, you can easily get a fracture. A minor fracture may make you unable to move from one point to another while a severe one will render you completely immobile for months or even years. Urgent care centers have the capacity to handle minor fractures. However, if you experience multiple breaks in the bone, the best step to take is to visit the nearest hospital for specialized attention.

Sports injuries

In some games, you can’t avoid getting injuries no matter how careful you are when playing. Besides, applying too much pressure on already injured spots can worsen your situation especially if it’s the foot or the ankle. Some of the most famous sports injuries include Achilles tendonitis, heel spur, hammers toe, shin splints just to mention a few. The medical professionals that work in urgent care centers will offer you the immediate care you need to prevent your condition from worsening and causing you sleepless nights.

Corns and calluses

girl fixing a dextrosCorns and calluses occur as a result of hardening of the skin below the foot due to pressure or friction. The condition can cause lots of pain and may cause the victim to have difficulty in walking. Seeking urgent treatment from an urgent care center will reduce your chances of getting infections and having to go for surgery. Apart from treatment, the medical professionals may describe particular medication to trim off the thickened skin and reduce pain to provide comfort from the symptoms.

An urgent care center is your best option if you are looking for quality and affordable treatment for common foot and ankle injuries.